Rattling A.T. Bulk Jig Head

Rattling A.T. Bulk Jig Head
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The Rattling A.T. Jig is the one jig that can do it all and is the one that we started our company with back in 2003! Since then there have been literally 100’s of tournaments won on this jig! Whether you fish trees, bushes, weeds, rocks or docks, this jig will get the job done. Our “hidden eye” design keeps you fishing instead of pulling weeds off the front of your jig. The A.T. is the jig that started it all and is the first choice of top bass angler all across the country. The secret is out so you had better stock up!


Features & Benefits:

  • Bulk packages inlcude three jigs per pack
  • Designed to get bass out of the nastiest cover you can fish
  • Designed to be fished in different types of structure
  • Powder coated paint job (No Chipping) 
  • Features a super sharp and strong Mustad Ultra Point hook
  • Available in 3 different colors: Black, Green Pumpkin and Brown
  • Comes in ¼ oz., ⅜ oz., ½ oz. and ¾ oz.
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