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Football Head Bulk Jig Heads

Football Head Bulk Jig Heads
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The All-Terrain football head jig is a tournament proven “football head” that literally rolls through rocks and over other hard bottom areas better than any other jig style. Our Football Head jig comes in a skirted - brush guard version or non-skirted/no brush guard version designed to be fished with a twin-tail grub, crawfish imitator or a regular jig skirt and trailer combination. This jig comes in three sizes (3⁄8, 1⁄2, 3⁄4) and in ten of the most popular colors. The All-Terrain Football Head Jig is a must have in every serious bass anglers arsenal. Our favorite technique is to “drag” this jig over the rocks with short pulls and adjust his pause time to how the fish are biting.

color 3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. 3/4 oz.
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Green Pumpkin
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Football Head Bulk Jig Heads

Features & Benefits:

  • Bulk Jig Heads available in three per package
  • Designed to be dragged on the structure bottom with the All-Terrain tread on the bottom of the jig head to keep the jig in the strike zone
  • Designed to be used with twin-tail grub, crawfish intimidator or a regular jig skirt
  • Powder coated paint job (No Chipping)
  • Features a super sharp and strong Mustad Ultra Point hook
  • Available in two different colors - Black and Green Pumpkin
  • Comes in ⅜ oz., ½ oz., and ¾ oz. 
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